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Olivers Dental Studio

Monday, 2 November 2015

Are You Sure ? Be Certain of Your Dental Health With Olivers Dental Studio

It is a privilege to be asked to look after the dental health of any patient.

All of the team at Oliver's appreciate fully that a patient walking through our front door is putting total trust in the services of the clinicians and supporting staff. In return for the trust of the patient,our team understand their responsibility for all aspects of a patients dental health.

There are many considerations,including ....
  • Rapid response to a dental emergency 6 days a week
  • Treatment and guidance on all matters gum health
  • Skilled restoration of damaged and diseased teeth
  • Monitoring your general health through the window of your mouth 
  • Helping with a smile to be proud of - dental aesthetics
  • Tooth position and its correction
  • Dietary advice to limit disease 
  • Helping with fear of the dentist
  • Providing high class facial aesthetic/skin treatments
The list could go on,our days are never boring that is for sure.

To be successful in all of our responsibilities we need a liberal sprinkling of time for all aspects of our work.From a full mouth health assessment at check up to the advanced and often exciting smile correction treatments we can offer. TIME is often the catalyst to success.

We have chosen to operate as a health facility with most of our services outside of the National Health Service to free us from a burden of time restriction. Patients are paying us for our time and we honour that investment and trust with a generous allowance of time to complete our work successfully.

And so what are the benefits ?
  • Gum disease,the biggest cause of tooth loss in the UK is correctly diagnosed and treated. Many new patients aren't aware of the gum disease that undermines the health of their mouth.We have the time and skills to fight it.
  • There is a direct link between time taken to place a filling and the life span of that filling. We hope our fillings last longer because of it. 
  • Prevention is better than cure.A significant benefit from a visit to Oliver's is the guidance we can give because of the time at our disposal.From extensive dietary guidance to good cleaning techniques, the time to advise is at the heart of  reduction in dental disease.
  • Full explanation of the treatment we provide 
  • The time to care 

So.... If you aren't SURE of your dental health and you want peace of mind, why not call us up for our very popular full mouth health check up 

Call Practice Manager Sam and her reception team on ...

0191 5282340   
info@oliverdental.com            e mail
Facebook   OliversDental Studio
Twitter      @sunderlandsmile


Sam McErlane

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Four months with {my}dentist - an ex principal's ramblings

I suspect it came as quite a surprise to both patients and colleagues alike when this dentist and Principal of Oliver's Dental Studio in Sunderland accepted a very tempting offer to join the {my}dentist family.

As the clock ticked past midnight on the 31st of March this year,six months of challenging negotiation came to a close and the biggest business decision of my life became a reality.My baby of 30 years became the latest member of a rapidly expanding family of dental practises in the UK,all under the wing of the biggest dental corporate in the country ....{my}dentist

So how was it for you Michael ?

The courtship began in summer 2014 when I was tentatively approached as a Principal heading towards his 55th birthday by the then Integrated Dental Holdings senior acquisitions team.IDH are sensibly expanding into the private dental sector as they add balance to their huge portfolio of practises which until recent times was biased in numerical terms to the NHS.The private dental sector is growing rapidly with a population seeking out advanced dental treatments and cosmetic smile enhancement care.It was indeed flattering to be targeted at Oliver's to bring our expertise to the company as one of the largest providers of private dental care in the UK.We are proud to have grown our facility, even through the difficult times of the recession in a very demanding private dental sector.As well as our wide ranging clinical skills and energetic team, we were judged to have strong marketing and business skills, all ingredients to add to the well respected {my}dentist team.

I have a huge pride in what we,as a team,have achieved at Oliver's with the unstinting support of our wonderful patients,who are part of the Oliver's family.With this in mind I spent many hours in the summer researching our new suitors to confirm the {my}dentist values matched those of our thriving and much respected facility.Our brand was very successful and reflected our high clinical standards.Our new owners were to maintain those standards under the banner of Oliver's,indeed the power of the association with such a big company could only add to our facility. 
My loyalty to both my colleagues,staff and patients was central to my thoughts and without guarantees, the takeover would have floundered in those summer months.{my}dentist and their team showed a total understanding of the Oliver's brand and indeed seemed quite excited to be adding us to their team sheet.

Once the guarantees were in place the formality of negotiation could proceed in an air of mutual benefit.I can only speak highly of the professionalism of their negotiating team and in particular the strict confidentiality that was shown to me at this sensitive time.As the negotiation progressed this dentist was exposed to the full experience of corporate purchase and the remarkable support of my own professional advisers.In particular,my lawyer Ken Stenger,was outstanding and guided me seamlessly through the most stressful of times, protecting my interests at every turn.Add to that the excellent work of my accountant Keith Pullan and the potential difficulties were reduced and sleepless nights avoided. 

With Steve and Rob,senior negotiating team IDH

So what is the experience really like?

From summer 2014 to completion at the end of March 2015 was a nine month period that ebbed and flowed between rapid and exhilarating progress to low points of frustration and stress. Most people in the position of selling their lifetime of effort harbour an apprehension  regarding the correctness of the decision.There is also a strong desire to get things over the finishing line as quickly as possible but this impatient fella had to learn to run through the procedures slowly and deliberately.It paid dividends to have all of the details in place and to fight the inevitable pressures to proceed when things may not have been in alignment.

After months of pulling things together, the last week or two seemed to fly by and the call from my lawyer to tell me the business had sold almost caught me unawares.It was a strange,almost anticlimactic experience,when a lifetimes work slipped from my grip.Add to this of course was an almost exhilarating feeling of liberation from the strain of thirty years of running a large health facility.It had been a wonderful thirty years of memories overseeing the continues growth of the Studio to where we stand now.I have to say I am very proud of what we have achieved,after all I was just a young lad from Fulwell when it all kicked off in 1983.I feel as if Ive handed on the batten to a company who share our vision and indeed want to steer us to even greater things in the years to come as part of the private and specialist wing of this impressive corporate.

Our new era began on April 1st and it would be unfair to claim the first four months have been totally free of stresses.We have had to adapt to new processes that see a company who clearly want to leave no stone unturned in a desire to run a health facility in a world of over regulation.Fine details are important to a company with a national standing who will not allow themselves to be left open to criticism of their procedures.Any patient visiting Oliver's can be assured the {my}dentist group will do everything in their power to provide a high level of care in a safe environment.Small frustrations such as uniform changes and dental material amendments have now been ironed out and the Studio, under the excellent management of Joanne Barella,is now running as it always has.The company has kept its promises and we continue with our full and very experienced staff under the tried and tested Oliver's brand.As an independent private facility with one owner we were able to react swiftly in our operations whilst we now have to accept major decisions need to be sanctioned by our owners which can be a more drawn out procedure.In defence of the company,decisions we consider of value to the business have been supported 100%.In particular,our energetic marketing policy has seen tremendous support from the company and continues as a vital part of our success.

Celebrating the new era with IDH Director of Private and Specialist services
Caron Best 

Would I recommend {my}dentist to other principles wishing to experience a smooth sale of their business ?   Absolutely

Does it feel good to be working as a dentist and not a business owner - you bet.

It has been a wonderful 30 year journey but I am delighted Oliver's will flourish in the future under the guidance of our new owners.On a personal level I am genuinely finding more enjoyment for my dentistry without the distraction and strains of business responsibility.

Thank you to everyone who has helped get us build the reputation we have and I look forward to many more years working with the great team at Oliver's.

Any practise owner who would like to speak to me directly and in confidence on this life changing journey, I am more than happy to advise on 0191 5282340  or by email at mjoliver73@sky.com 

June 1983  Newcastle University
With Miss Elizabeth Ford
Now my wife of 32 years
She deserves a medal !

Its been a long journey,I feel very privileged to have shared it with so many people who have helped me along the way.I couldn't have achieved any of this without the support of some special people.I will be for ever grateful.

Thank you.

Michael Oliver
Oliver's Dental Studio       www.oliverdental.com 

                                          tel : 0191 5282340 

Monday, 30 March 2015

I Did It My Way

As of 8 20 pm today,March 30th 2015 ,after nearly 32 years,I would like to announce the beginning of a new era for me and a very exciting future for the Studio.
Today I handed over the reins as the {my}dentist  group,the worlds biggest dental corporate, become the new owners of Oliver's Dental Studio.

For nearly thirty of those years it has been a privilege to be the Principal of Oliver's Dental Studio in Sunderland.I consider it humbling to have shared that large chunk of life with some of the most talented dentists and support staff in any dental practice in the north.Together we have achieved remarkable things with the Studio,a facility that can hold its head high and has a reputation within the profession of dentistry on a national level.

After thirty years I am ready to hand over the baton as we become one of the flagship practices in the portfolio of this national company.I am particularly energised by the thought of continuing to work as part of this wonderful team of clinicians as an associate for several years to come..... but without the pressure of running such a large dental facility.

It has been a remarkable journey for me from qualification in 1983 at Newcastle University Dental School.

My thoughts in this blog will be dominated by gratitude for the people I have come into contact with through dentistry,many who have become very good friends.
It all started with the excellent staff and lecturers at the Newcastle University,a dental school with such an outstanding reputation in dentistry. I gained myself a degree that I was so proud of,studying with 75 students ,many who remain friends today.I value in particular  the friendship of one of that talented year,Gary Stacey who I still work with to this today.A valuable friend indeed and a great dentist to have had as part of our team for so many years.

Following graduation comes the big step into the wide world of dentistry and the beginning of a dental career. I was very fortunate to have been offered an associate position at the then principal Donald Hudson's well respected practice which later became Oliver's.

I learnt a lot from this lovely man who taught me the importance of customer service and above all a sense of humour in what can be a trying environment of the dental surgery. Donald unfortunately developed health problems and allowed me the privilege at a young age of buying the practice from him. At 26 this was quite a commitment for the then young dentist and his wife as we moved into a lovely five bedroomed house and I became the principal of the attached dental surgery. 

At this point I feel it might be nice to thank my bank manager in those days Alan Griffin and the bank that has been so wonderfully supportive of me over the years,National Westminster. Without their belief and backing the project would never have become what we have today. 

I must also introduce at this time the main reason I have been lucky to achieve what I have in my life and that is the unwavering support of my parents.Without their remarkable backing of security of their house against a bank loan this story would not be being typed today.I can never come close to repaying the belief they had in me. 

That support never wavered over all the years I have owned the Studio. Without my fathers guidance and work ethic the progress would have been very much slower.His talents as an electrician have been a major help amongst so many other skills he has as a valuable member of the team as our Mr Fixit for so many years. Thanks mam and dad, you have been amazing.

As the years passed I have been so fortunate to work with so many talented people as the staff grew to the near thirty team we have today. From the two dentist team we were in 1983 we have seven dentists and many more in our support team of therapists ,hygienists,nurses and reception staff. It is a pleasure to walk through the door every morning,their energy is uplifting. 
Thanking everyone individually is impossible but Im grateful to each and everyone of the current staff and the many who have been part of the team previously.The reputation we have at Olivers today comes from the efforts of all who have worked here over the years.The investment everyone has made in the Studio will be long remembered by the patients and will remain part of the history of health care at the Studio.I think we can all be very proud of ourselves. 

So we have grown and grown to what stands as Olivers Dental Studio today....

The new era is incredibly exciting as the {my}dentist group have big plans as we join them as one of their many flagship practices. We will become a centre of excellence for them and look forward to expanding as a referral centre for dental implants,periodontology and rapid tooth alignment.
We have come a long way....

I can't hope to thank everyone in this blog and forgive me if I overlook someone. Everyone who has come into contact with the studio over the 30 years has made a contribution to a facility I and I hope Sunderland is proud of.

I would however like to mention one or two people who have really have gone the extra mile for us and for me in particular...
My lawyer Ken Stenger has been remarkable in his professionalism in the long road to deal completion. On top of that he is a great friend.I will be forever grateful to him.
Tony and Cally Gedge have been inspirational over the last 5 years and have changed me as a person and energised the Studio. Marketing Pirates I thank you.
Chris Wooley of Henry Schein 
Colin and Peter our Studio engineers 
Arthur Watson my porcelain technician who has been outstanding
David Worthy a hugely missed friend of the Studio
Keith Pullan of Pullan Barnes
John Fearn of Practice financial Management
David Cook of St James Place 

I could thank the whole of the north east and Im so sorry if Ive missed anyone but I would like in closing I would like to give special thanks to...

Practice manager Jo Barella as loyal and supportive a friend as I could ever wish for
Carol Archer who has been magnificent as our hygienist for over a quarter of a century and has endured the most difficult of times and is still as good as it gets.
Nicola Peverley and Julie Hart remarkable members of our team for so many years. 
All of the brilliant dentists and incredibly loyal staff and so many who have worked and given so much in the past as team members and who have moved on. 

and finally the lady who means so much to me and has helped keep it real for 32 years my wonderful wife Elizabeth. I couldn't have done this without her. 

So proud

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Emergency dental care in Sunderland and the North East - Here to help! Oliver's Dental Studio - Tooth Crisis Clinic

Nobody wants toothache,particularly when it seems difficult to get a dental appointment.

Weekends,late nights,holiday weekend - toothache,broken fillings,lost crowns. Not surprisingly dental problems don't usually wait for a space in a dentists diary during the week.

We will help you !

Tooth crisis clinic at Oliver's dental Studio
0191 5282340

We have a policy at Oliver's Dental Studio of prioritising help for those who need us the most.Every day,six days a week,we offer a priority emergency dental service in which we help patients in need, throughout the North East.

Our highly trained team of seven dentists and their support staff will guarantee help on the day of your problem from Monday until Saturday.Our famous tooth crisis clinic will have one of our 7 dentists see you within an hour of your appointment or we will provide any care free of charge at that visit.No waiting around in a queue of emergencies for hours,we will normally see you within five minutes of your appointment time.We don't have to be your normal dentists we promise we will help you. 

Our clinics operate six days a week with two late nights Monday and Wednesday.Weekend emergencies  will be solved up until 1.00pm on Saturdays and we have emergency back up beyond these opening hours through our emergency helpline. 

Broken teeth,lost crowns,dental abscesses,fractured dentures,broken braces,lost fillings,wisdom teeth problems,swollen faces and lost sleep - the list is endless but we WILL help you.

Call our tooth crisis clinic team on 0191 5282340 or email us on info@oliverdental.com and our assistants will be delighted to offer you an appointment.

#Olivers here to help #emergency #dentist #Sunderland #Newcastle #Durham #ChesterleStreet #NE

Thursday, 15 January 2015

I want Oliver's Dental Studio to be my dentist !

A good choice ?    "We like to think so"

It would be our pleasure to help you and your family,but why choose Olivers for dental care?

Let us introduce ourselves..

We are an award winning,seven dentist,multi surgery facility in the suburbs of Sunderland in the North East.
We proudly offer dentistry of the highest standard under private contract and have an NHS dental contract that has for several years provided free care for children.

We have an extensive team...
Standing shoulder to shoulder with our seven dentists are

Our dental therapist Laura and three well respected dental hygienists.
A full support team of highly trained dental nurses and receptionists.
Two fantastic patient coordinators to smooth your journey as we provide your care.
A central sterilisation team providing scrupulously clean instruments and of course our domestic team to keep us squeaky clean.

That's a lot of people all with one aim... To provide you and your family with the best in dental care,six days a week.

Thirty years of practice experience providing high level care for the people of the north east.

Our services

Regular,full assessment of your dental health in our teeth for life programme.We will monitor your decay levels,gum condition and confirm the health of your mouth tissues for total peace of mind.

The biggest cause of tooth loss in the UK ? - gum disease.

Our team will join the fight against this often painless enemy as we hopefully guide you to the later stages of life with all of your own teeth. Our renowned team of dental hygienists have years of experience in providing you with the cleanest and healthiest of smiles.
Routine visits to a dental hygienist combined with your tooth brushing efforts are at the heart of our push towards a life without dentures.

Did you know you can call us for a deep hygienist clean of your teeth without needing to see a dentist
0191 5282340 for advice on all of our cleaning packages.

Ask us about Denplan cover for all of the family. Budgeted private dental care to take the worry out of dental charges.We are a Deplan Excel facility,reflecting the highest standards of the leading provider of Dental cover in the UK.We have nearly 3,000 Deplan patients who enjoy the peace of mind of this excellent product.

Consultant Oral Surgeon - Mr Rob Banks,brings his extensive skills to the Studio. From advanced tooth replacement with dental implants to removal of tricky wisdom teeth without the need for hospital,we are privileged to have Rob in the team. 
Having difficulty finding somebody to help with troublesome wisdom teeth ? We can help you quickly with our outstanding oral surgery service with Rob and his team. 

We have a wealth of talent on the dental implant front as our in house implant team of Dr Gary Stacey and Dr Oliver Bailey are available daily to help with replacement of missing teeth.No longer do you need to struggle with ill fitting dentures,ask us about free visits for assessment for a denture free future, 0191 5282340. 

As the years have gone by the demand for straight smiles in the UK just grows and grows. 
Can we help ?  "Of course,it would be our pleasure"
From specialist orthodontist Dr Chris Baillie to our fully trained quick brace practitioners Drs Peter McQuillan,Nicola Peverley,Oliver Bailey, Gareth Bastey and Dr Gary Stacey,we have quite a team of highly skilled straight smile dentists.

                              Dr Gary Stacey

Dr Gareth Bastey

Dr Oliver Bailey                                                                 Dr  Nicola Peverley - Invisalign Practitioner

Dr Peter McQuillan  

We offer all the leading care options including CFast,Quick Straight Teeth,six month Smiles and Invisalign.
All with interest free options if required.

Porcelain Smile Enhancement 

This is one  of our most popular treatments options as the demand for a smile to be proud of spreads across the UK from the United States.We offer a full range of advanced crown,bridge and veneer therapy that can transform a smile.Many smiles can be improved with simple tooth movement and white filling modification but we can fall back on these excellent treatments when indicated.We have an endless list of satisfied patients who now have the confidence a radiant smile can bring. Please call our team on 0191 5282340 for a free initial visit to allow one of our skilled team to assess your suitability for advanced porcelain smile improvements.You may be pleasantly surprised that a simple treatment may be all that is required.

And our most popular smile enhancement treatment ?   Tooth whitening, from our simple and effective diamond cleaning systems provided by our dental therapist Laura and her colleagues in the hygienist clinics to the superb Enlighten tooth bleaching systems.

It is not a coincidence that several television personalities choose Olivers as their go to tooth whitening destination.Call in and see our clinical photographs and patient videos from the many satisfied patients who have experienced the power of tooth whitening.

Laura Young - Dental therapist and tooth whitening expert. Give her a call on 0191 5282340 or email her on info@oliverdental.com for an answer to your tooth whitening queries. 

Children dentistry...

We at Olivers we are proud of the high quality dentistry we provide for our younger patients.There are  options for free dental care under our NHS contract.Starting your children off on the right footing with good dental care will give them a marvellous start in their journey to healthy teeth for life.

The Smooth Skin Club 

Four of our dental team have trained extensively in the highly popular therapies now available to give your skin a more youthful appearance.Add to that our training in dermal filler,Dermaroller and Botox care and you have access to treatments for the more youthful you,all under the roof of our three storey health facility.
Our team including Dr Bastey,Dr Oliver,Dr McQuillan and the very experienced Dr Claire Crothers are available six days a week to help. Call the Face Team on 0191 5282340.

Dr Claire Crothers.

Emergency Dentists in Sunderland and the North East with the Tooth Crisis Clinic at Olivers

Nobody wants a toothache or a broken tooth but it is reassuring to know help is at hand six days a week with the tooth crisis clinic.Our promise to you is help on the day of your call,within an hour of your appointment guidance or we will provide the care totally free.No waiting in casualty,weekend and late night service,we provide the best dental emergency service in the North East.

0191 5282340 six days a week 

Our famous tooth crisis clinic- here to help you

Not to forget...

We have excellent denture services and wisdom tooth removal facilities. 

So there we have it.A full dental health service for you and all of your family.

Come and join us

27 Durham Road                   0191 5282340 
East Herrington

e mail info@oliverdental.com

or find us on the web at http://www.oliverdental.com 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 A Year to Savour Oliver's Dental Studio Sunderland Dentist

When you look back on a year and it feels as if it's over almost just as it is begins it usually means one thing ..

That was one busy year !

So many things happening as one week blends into another,spring into summer and before we know it we are wishing everyone Happy New Year again.
That pretty much sums up 2014,a year crammed with so many good things that I for one count my blessings and look back and think.... What a great ride that was !
We all know that life can't be an endless list of positives and 2014 was no exception,but we work hard to see past the setbacks that we all have to endure and enjoy the many positives the year has brought.

A big thank you from Studio owner Michael for the support of our patients and suppliers."We could not do it without you all".

So let's have a look at a year with so many positives for Oliver's Dental Studio

2014 has been a special year as we added to the Studio's many awards.Starting in January,two of our wonderful nursing team,Anthea and Cherelle picked up a well deserved award for their charity work.Our big hearted nurses had travelled to Morocco in 2013 as part of the outstanding Dental Mavericks charity,helping children with dental care in North Africa.The girls had raised hundreds of pounds towards the work of the Mavericks and their award recognised the efforts of these two wonderful givers.Well done girls.

We had some fun in February as we sponsored Valentines day with our excellent local radio station, 1034SunFM.Well known local celebrity Ricci from TVs Celebrity big Brother and MTV's Geordie Shore was a great sport as he surprised SunFM DJ Danielle with a blind date at D'Acqua restaurant in the city.

Spring arrived and our great team just got better as we welcomed the arrival of one of the leading young dentists in the country.Dr Peter McQuillan joined us and as many of you who have now met Peter will confirm,he has been a big success in 2014.A highly talented dentist,Peter is also a bonny lad as they say in Sunlan.This likeable young man has a big future at the Studio and we are fortunate to have him in our team.

Our award cabinet welcomed two new additions in the Spring.Our rising star,Anthea,proudly picked up nurse of the year award at the prestigious City Health Awards in Sunderland.To add to our celebration,Studio Principal Michael,was also delighted to receive the dentist of the year award for the city.Quite a night of partying at the Stadium of Light for the team.

A busy year just got busier in the spring as our big hearted nurses Claire and Anthea decided jumping from the Wear Bridge was a good idea.As they joined the zip wire challenge their brave gesture(some would say madness)raised a lot of money for their charities.

Principal Michael joined in the charity challenges in the early summer as he added to the nearly forty bikers cyling across Italy as they raised £50,000 for the excellent Sunderland Foundation.The near 300 mile trip took in some pretty tough mountainous terrain over four days and certainly exposed the old fellas less than Olympic fitness levels.

We,as a local business,try to put as much back into the community as possible.With this in mind we joined the excellent Sunderland Live team as a main partner and sponsor in 2014.Sunderland organised some fantastic outside events,all superbly put together by the Sunderland Live team.The wonderful Sunderland International Airshow was just such an event.With nearly a million visitors over the weekend this Airshow puts Sunderland on the European Airshow map with huge benefits to our great city.Well done Sunderland Live.It's also a good excuse for the boss to get his camera out !

Its been a busy year for community involvement as we try to spread the word on dental health to a city that sometimes lags behind in dental health.Our team visit local schools and hospitals to spread the word and are always well received.Certainly a nice side to our work.

We were delighted to announce a big appointment for the Studio in the autumn as lovely dental therapist Laura joined our growing ranks.The Studio runs very much as a team of wide ranging skills and Laura adds greatly to our facility with her advanced dental hygiene and restorative qualifications. Welcome aboard Laura.

Probably our favourite day of the year is the Studio day time Christmas Party.We try to invite as many of our wonderfully supportive patients as possible to share our day with Carol singing, Christmas drinks and cakes.Disney characters joined us this year along with excellent local singer Andy Barker.The highlight of the day being the wonderful St Ann's School Carol singers.This year was particularly special for us as we announced the winners of our trip to Disneyland Paris competition.The prize went to the most deserving entry which this year was two wonderful young men who raised substantial funds for charity.Well done Hayden and Loghan.

Just a sprinkling of the amazing things we got ourselves up to this year.Thank you to you all for your wonderful support in 2014 and have a prosperous and healthy New Year 2015.

Let us leave you with a few more images from a great 2014

Thank you 2014 - we had a blast.

Olivers Dental Studio

0191 5282340

e- info@oliverdental.com